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Klout and Kred Don’t Measure Real Influence; And Why I Prefer People Over Scores.


Photo by me.  Shot on location at a flea market near McAllen, Texas.  Beware of snake oil salesman:)


If you REALLY care about how “influential” you are, then you are not influential.

Services like Klout and also ran Kred mysteriously rank us by some type of supposed influence we’re supposed to have – or not.


That aside, what makes someone “influential?”  


Maybe you do great work, but want to stay under the radar because you’re more humble.  


What if you are doing amazing things, in a small town or just a 3 block community in New York City, making an impact and touching people lives for the better, and you aren’t a huge personality?   


You want to know someone who is influential and has tons of clout and lots of cred in my life?  My Aunt and my Mother in Law.  Neither are not on social networks, and have a postive and huge influences in my life.   


My accountant is not on the social web.  


Many of my best friends aren’t either.


Yes, I have friends who are on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but I don’t base my friendships or my decisions about who to do business with because of some silly score.  If they are assholes and they have “influence,” it’s not going to sway me towards liking or doing business with them.


I know many “influential” people.

And most of them are really nice, genuine and don’t give a shit about their scores either.  


It’s about people, not scores.


Instead of spending your time worrying about how influential you are, maybe put that energy into volunteer work, or investing five minutes a day in reaching out to someone you know and you tell them how awesome the work they are doing really matters.  


Now that is Kout or rather Kred – uh I mean clout.


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