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Kfir Pravda’s “Silicon Wadi” Report Covers Some of Israel’s Best New and Innovative Start-Ups

srael is the second largest innovation center worldwide, after Silicon Valley. Hence, its called Silicon Wadi.

Silicon Wadi Report covers Israeli startups from global perspective, offering analysis and in-depth review of top internet, telecom, chips and software innovators.

Chief Editor, Kfir Pravda, multi-tasks quite well:  he is a marketer, content creator and blogger. His other blog “Media, Technology and Rebel Filmmaking” is read and quoted by investors, venture capitalists, CEOs of technology companies, content creators and bloggers.

Today he serves as IMTC VP of  Marketing, an international consortium of video technology companies,  including among others, market leaders such as Cisco, Apple, Real Networks, Nokia, Ericsson, and Tandberg.

Kfir got his start in the mobile industry, marketing products to European operators such as T-Mobile and Telia Sonera. Since then he has expanded his horizons to media and internet industries. And on a personal note, he likes single malts and crime films.

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