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Kami “Chats” About BlogCatalog

Over the last two years, Kami Watson Huyse and I, used to occasionally meet at the Olmos Soda Fountain for breakfast to talk about life, kids, family — oh and of course, Blogging & Social Media.  I say "used to," because she recently moved to Houston, so no more pancakes with Kami (unless she’s in town for a visit).

Kami is and was a mentor, adviser, and most of all a friend. 

Via her blog, Communication Overtones, she’s just done a great post on client, BlogCatalog, where she articulates the values and differentiators of BlogCatalog: who is writing about something- and not how influential they are. 

That is not to say that BlogCatalog bloggers are not influential. 

Rather, BlogCatalog is a social community for bloggers and not a ranking service or popularity contest. 

Whether you are looking to search blogs, connect with bloggers, learn more about blogging, or promote your own blog, BlogCatalog seeks to mainstream the blogosphere, aggregating the conversation at large.

And don’t forget: All bloggers listed in BlogCatalog are opt-in and must pass a five-step qualifying process and be reviewed by a BlogCatalog analyst.

Kami, thank you!

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