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Just Landed in Tel Aviv, Israel

Dsc_0357_6I just landed in Tel Aviv, where I will be here for one week holding
my annual PR seminar sponsored by PR Newswire/Israel.  I will also be
seeing clients, prospective clients, friends, family and my son, Aaron
who is a freshman at Hebrew University – Jerusalem.  Whatever your perceptions are of the country, if you have not been, I will tell you it’s not what you see on CNN.

Yes, there are occassional problems with terrorism, but it’s no
different that what goes on in good and bad parts of wherever you may live in the U.S.  Put
another way, consider the following scenario:  imagine you lived in
Israel and through the magic of television, you could watch your local
10 o’clock news.  After a few days of watching about
drive-by shootings, robbing a local convenience story, or
someone going postal, you’d probably never want to visit you fair city

During the week, I will be posting from Israel.

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Photo by Alan Weinkrantz © 2006

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