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Join us at the Second #140conf Small Town on Sept 20; Hutchinson, KS

Last year at #140conf Small Town, we had people from all over America who came to Hutchinson, Kansas and shared their stories as well as the people who came to Hutchinson to hear them. Speakers came from not just Kansas from from 8 other States too. Our speakers shared their stories about the real-time web and how it is changing their lives and their businesses in the Small Towns they lived in.


Of the ten #140conf events which took place in 2010, #140conf Small Town was our 4th largest. In 2011 #140conf Small Town is the only event in America that is being produced outside of NYC.


Because Jeff realized how important it is to provide a stage and a voice to the people outside of the “big cities” whose lives continue to be impacted by the evolution of the real-time web. After a lifetime of producing events in big cities, #140conf Small Town continues to have an impact in how he thinks and how he approaches community.

Having been part of #140Conf events in New York, LA, London, Boston, Detroit and many other cities, I was amazed at the vibe and great energy that we discovered in a small town like Hutchinson.  I promise that you will enjoy the experience. The perspectives shared opened by eyes to a part of America which I knew of but never felt connected with. I now do. It is never too late to reach out and discover something about yourself or your country.

A sampling of the many wonderful stories shared at #140conf events in Hutchinson, Kansas last year: 

– Kevin Honeycutt (@KevinHoneycutt) – out to change the world.. one classroom at a time! –

– Jay Ehret (@themarketingguy) – Creator of marketing awesomeness. Turning Entrepreneurs into marketers. –

– Becky McCray (@BeckyMcCray) – The Small Town Advantage –

related video – Jeff Pulver School Bus Drag Racing (that’s me behind the camera… so I have lived to share the story) – 

On September 20th, Jeff Pulver and Becky McCray will be co-hosting #140conf Small Town 2011. We will be back in Hutchinson, Kansas to share a spotlight on some of the people who will be sharing their stories about how the real-time web is changing their lives.

Whether you are from a Big City or a Small Town, you are in for an amazing day shared only the way #140conf can deliver it to you.

Our “Early Bird” ticket prices ends on Friday for this event. For more information and to register, please visit:

If you are interested in sponsorship options, please contact me : Alan Weinkrantz  alan at weinkrantz dot com.

Please join us in Hutchinson.  Hope to see you soon!


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