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Jerusalem Rocks! (Literally)

I am still getting back into the swing of things from our family’s 17 – day adventure to London, Moscow, London (again) Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and London (again).

Every time I travel to Israel, I am still in awe of Jerusalem, especially at night.  (see my photos of Jerusalem on Flickr.) 

There is something there with the confluence of various religious ideals, spiritually, and in my world, a center for technology and innovation.

My friend Jeff Pulver, is raising the bar (yet again) with his collective enthusiasm for music, technology and Israel by helping to sponsor Jerusalem ROCKS! – a not-for-profit music festival that he’s been working on with Jacob Ner-David and Carmi Wurtman which will be taking place on September 9th at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem.

Jeff is the only person I know who can put together a major industry tradeshow, VON, which is highlighted with a huge party featuring either a great band, or his own house band, the Herding Cats

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Jeff in organizing the VoIP Mission to Israel.   

Working is Jeff is pure fun, pure energy, and in the end, something that helps bring forward a mission or a cause that brings about awareness and positive energy. 

Be it IP Communications or music, Jeff has boundless energy and imagination that brings together collective intelligence, a bit of disruption, for a common good.

Jerusalem ROCKS! is focused on bringing international musical events back to Jerusalem. The people of Jerusalem have been waiting over twenty years for an event like this and we feel that it is important for Jerusalem to remind its citizens, neighbors and the world that it is a center of pluralism and cultural diversity.

Read Jeff’s post on his blog today to learn more about this important cultural and musical event. 

Kudo’s to Jeff and his collaborators for putting this type of event on in such an amazing locale.

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