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Jeremie Miller’s – @jeremie Vision of What’s Next – #TeleHash: Distributed Apps Without The Need for Servers

Jeremie Miller has a pretty good track record at having a vision and making it a reality. 

As the creator of the XMPP open standard, he’s the reason IM works the way it does across platforms on your computer or wireless device.

On the #140Conf Road Trip, Jeff Pulver, let the Twitterverse know that we’d be at the Field of Dreams.  Who shows up?  Jeremie.  He happens to live on a farm in Iowa near the famed baseball field in a corn field and came over to visit us.  

Jeremie’s next big thing is something he calls TeleHash.  The idea is to exchange JSON in a real-time and fully decentralized manner so that applications can connect with each other without the need for servers. 

Jeremie is passionate about protocols.  In the video above, he talks about his vision of decentralizing information and having information free and open to everyone.

Thank you Jeremie for joining us briefly and connecting at the Field of Dreams.  You’re proof that if you build it, they will indeed come.

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