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Jeff’s Guide to “TV Shows Only Available on the Internet”

Hope your Labor Day was good. 

In case you’re still chill’n, workin’, sleep’n, take a break and check out our client, Jeff Pulver’s TV Guide to Shows only on the Internet.

They are actually broken down into three categories:

TV on the Net
 The Disintermediation of TV Distribution Outlets, or Doing to Television what we’ve Now Done to Voice

TV Shows Only Available on the Internet

New programs produced for the purpose of viewing on the broadband internet.

"User Created Content sites" – these are the sites like Veoh and
YouTube which offer community members the ability to upload video
content to share with others;

Sites to View TV
These are sites like ChannelKing and ChannelChooser where someone can watch commercial TV stations over the internet.
– "Misc" – for websites that didn’t fit in any of the other boxes above.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2006.  Shot on location in Santa Clara, Cuba. (note to State Department: I went legally).

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