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@jeffpulver Test Drives the GMC Terrain During Planning Sessions for #140Conf Detroit

What is Jeff Pulver doing reviewing cars?

GM was kind enough to lend us a GMC Terrain while we’re here for 2 days in Detroit as we’re meeting with members of the Social Media, Advertising and PR communities who are helping to create the #140Conf Detroit, which will be held on October.

Thank you GM, and thank you Chris Barger for making this happen.  GM’s Buick Division is the lead sponsor for 140Conf Detroit.  If you want to see what Buick is up to, here’s a previous post I did from an event that Buick held in San Antonio, previewing some of their new cars with Michelle Bunker – another member of the awesome GM / Buick PR team.   (Memo to BMW / Mercedes / Audi / Acura:  watch out).

Oh- my two cents…. we’re sharing the driving and I have to say that I am impressed. The first thing you feel when you get into this car are the seats. They feel tight and fit well. The interior is spacious, and a sporty feel that’s almost like a Cadillac CTX sedan.

As you can see in this drive, this thing has pep. On the freeways around Detroit, this car smokes with power.

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