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Jeff Pulver’s Blog Comments on Accelerating 911 for VoIP through Congressional Legislation

Our client, Jeff Pulver, has an a blog entry from Friday which  highlights his observations on why it is important for consumers and the telecommunications industry alike to encourage the passing of S. 1063, known as the IP-Enabled Voice Communications and Public Safety Act of 2005

We are continuing to selectively issue press releases on the blog and promote our client’s thought leadership in the IP Communications space. 

On the topic, Pulver states:  "While not perfect, the Bill would advance the viability, speed to deployment, and clarity in regulatory oversight for VoIP products and services.  If you care about the progress towards an IP-enabled world, about direct access to the 911 network, about equivalent liability relief, about no technology mandates, about accelerating an IP based 911 network – then you should call Senator Rockefeller’s office and tell them not to prevent nationwide E911 solutions for VoIP. If the hold is lifted, we believe unanimous consent on the bill could happen before they recess early next week."

Pulver notes that although just on the verge of unanimous US Senate passage, Senator Rockefeller (D-WV) put a hold on the US Senate E911 bill, hoping to strip it of the waiver provisions. "A hold will prevent the unanimous consent necessary for passage before the US Senate recesses next week. Ironically, putting a hold on the bill and preventing the Senate from passing the bill this year will likely have a bigger impact on delaying E911 solutions for VoIP than the waiver process itself," observes yet.

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