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Jeff Pulver’s BlogOffers Internet Communications Predictions for 2007

Jeff Pulver’s blog highlights his Internet Communications predictions for 2007.

You can also see a look back at his 2006 Predictions and what did and not not come true.  The news release is here.

First some trends affecting the worldwide VoIP Industry:

– While the hype surrounding Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) will grow during 2007, the FMC marketplace will continue to stagnate until such time that software becomes widely available for dual model phones that offer seamless roaming across unaffiliated wifi/wimax hotspots.

– Despite the point above, during 2007, voice over broadband service providers will continue to announce their mobile strategies.

– Enterprises will start to federate their communication networks.

– Growth will continue in IP Peering between service providers.

– “Disposable Numbers” will become a fad adopted by social networkers.

– Abuse of publicly available “click to call” services will suffer the scrutiny of local consumer services groups.

– Despite the continued growth of the cable operators’ market share in the worldwide voice over broadband marketplace, we will continue to see entrepreneurs attempt to launch independent voice over broadband service providers.

– Visual Communication services will matter in 2007.

– VoIP public policy concerns will continue in geo-political pockets around the world, and we will see a growing divide between countries that enable Internet communications and countries that stifle innovation.

– The PSTN starts to morph into the IP-based public communications network of the future.

– Cable Operators will start to deploy solutions that connect their voice subscribers to 3G Mobile Networks.

– TDM services will continue to be “end-of-lifed”. All Telecom operators will be IP-based within 5-7 years.

And now for some trends affecting the world of TV, Film and Entertainment:

– 2007 will be the year of Internet TV.  Every TV network, film studio, and content creator will start to adopt a direct to the Internet and direct to the pda strategy.

– 2007 will be the year we hone in on viable revenue models for Internet-delivered TV.

– As the revenue models gel, both content creators and advertisers will begin to recognize the value of direct to the Internet as a better means of advertising and catching eyeballs through Internet-delivered content.

– Users will also recognize the value of the Internet as a better means to access content than traditional broadcast and cable delivery systems.

– We’ll see the next iteration of Internet-based place-shifting occur in video delivery.

– The battles over digital rights and copyright protection may begin to be resolved.

– Although regulators and legislators will begin to better appreciate the power of IP technology to dramatically improve emergency response and disabilities access capabilities, Lobbyists and Policymakers and traditional telecom and video providers in the US will continue to try to apply legacy rules and regulations on Internet based applications, be it voice, television or radio.  See the first significant regulator attempts to regulate indecency and other content on the Internet.

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