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Jeff Pulver Named one of Top 40 IPTV Movers and Shakers

Kudos to Jeff Pulver, who we’ve just been notified as being one of the Top 40 IPTV Movers and Shakers – an award given by DailyIPTV.

Jeff Pulver – Tech Guru/IPTV Advocate, Network2

Jeff Pulver founded in 1994 on his way to becoming a well-known pioneer within Internet communications. He is also behind the VoIP tradeshow VON (Voice on the Net) and the VoIP company Vonage, and is perhaps one of the world’s leading supporters of IP telephony, IPTV, and emerging Internet-based media formats.

These days, Pulver’s talents are being employed by, the largest Internet TV channel, currently tracking 51,674 episodes of 615 shows. Users looking for Network2’s best content can easily find the shows with the highest clicks and RSS downloads.

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