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Jeff Pulver Blog Proposes New Communications Declaration of Independence As We Enter the Dawn of The Internet Age

With today being the day before Independence Day, our client, Jeff Pulver /, issued a media advisory commenting on Jeff’s blog post about the FCC’s recent rulings on  USF (Universal Service Fund) for the VoIP industry.

States Pulver  “…in a monumental act of misdirection, the FCC released an Order making all prior regulations of VoIP (both Interconnected and potentially peer-to-peer) look like the innocuous musings of  kindergarteners.”

With tomorrow being the 4th of July, Pulver proposes, “And let’s not forget that the Founders of American Democracy wrote the Declaration of Independence exactly 130 years ago and declared their independence from the tyranny of the old guard at the dawn of the Industrial Age. Well, perhaps we should be preparing our own Declaration of Independence as we enter the Dawn of the Internet Age and declare our independence from the tyranny of the new old guard.”

Pulver’s blog concludes with an initial summary of some very disturbing backward-looking conclusions in the FCC’s USF for VoIP Order, including a requirement to have voice application providers pay into the Universal Service Fund at the highest rate of any service or application, while traditionally telecom transmission facilities and cable modem services are exempted. It does seem absurd that the nascent VoIP industry is now compelled to support continuation of narrowband services at the expense of deployment of broadband and advanced communications services and applications.

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