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Jeff Pulver Blog Comments on Net Neutrality in the U.S. Senate

We continue to promote Jeff Pulver’s blog as a key element of our PR strategy in furthering his thought leadership. 

In anticipation of Sen. Ron Wyden’s (D. OR) introduction of Net Neutrality legislation in the U.S. Senate Jeff’s blog entry highlights what he sees as issues critical to keeping the nature and viability of the "open Internet."  Entitled "Net Neutrality in the U.S. Senate," we issued a media advisory stating that his blog entry was available for review and use for quotes.

Pulver publishes a blog that offers unique insight into the state of the IP Communications industry.  His blog,  which is updated daily (and sometimes more often than that) addresses all-things-VoIP, from the technical (i.e., service and product innovations, extensions of concept) to the political (Governmental concerns, hearings and rulings, any and all issues-based subject matter). 

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