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Jeff Pulver Blog Comments on Recent Setbacks Regarding Failed Legislative Actions To Advance Internet Communications

While I may appear to be a cheerleader on my other blog for AT&T’s IPTV platform, you should know that  I think last week’s legislative
failings (perhaps partially funded by AT&T’s lobbying muscle?) is a real shame.

Our client, Jeff Pulver, sums it up best in his blog post about what he calls “the week of backward-looking legislative and judicial pronouncements…”

those of you keeping score, the Internet lost a couple big battles in
Washington, DC last week, and that losing streak will likely continue,”
states Pulver.  Pulver’s blog post includes comments and observations
about the COPE Bill, the dragging of Internet communications innovators
into the regulatory quagmire, the imposition of CALEA’s wiretapping
obligations on Internet communications, and more.

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