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Jeff Jarvis Gets It. Big Time.

Jeff Jarvis is one of the smartest people I’ve met and gets it when it comes to publishing is and where PR is headed — and where the market opportunity lay for those of us with messages to promote.

He is currently at the Online Publisher’s Association in London and has a very insightful post based on a talk given by Jeff Rayport.

Reader’s Digest Version:  He says the challenge for online publishers is to “build volume through aggregation and margin through engagement.”


* “Community is the new engine of content creation,” his PowerPoint says. I’d day that content is the gas of the community engine.

* “Social networks are the new distribution channels.”

* “Social intelligence is the new source of editorial filters.”

* Tools and applications are the new editorial bundles.”

* “Multiplatform is the new basis of online ‘publishing.’ ”

* “Video is the new lingua franca of online content”


  1. Excuse me but with all due respect, Jeff is a demagogue who is desperately trying to cash in on a social trend. The stuff he espouses is absolute pseudo-intelligent sensational crap.
    Alan… the points you summarize: “build volume through aggregation and margin through engagement;” “Community is the new engine of content creation,” “Social networks are the new distribution channels,” etc. etc. etc., are totally devoid of history, politics and law. Here read “The Incredible Talking Dog” . Note: the discussion of Wesch’s film “Web 2.0, The Machine is Us.” For Jarvis and other zealots to be right, we need to accommodate them by rethinking: copyright, ownership, identity, ethics, aesthetics, rhetoric, governance, privacy, commerce, love, family… ourselves.
    Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. We can’t.
    Listen: I know a few Jesus freaks that TOTALLY believe that The Second Coming is happening as we speak. Sorry. It is not real.
    – Amanda

  2. Amanda shtick. Yawn. So old, so fast. I think Amanda needs a PR agent.

  3. Ironically, the topic is “Jarvis shtick,” i.e. no substance. So who am I going to listen to: a former TV critic or Wesch, a cultural anthropologist? Hmmmm.
    – Amanda


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