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Jason Calacanis Blogs About Being Interviewed by E-mail

Jason Calacanis has an interesting post from his blog yesterday that supports the idea of interviews via email.

As it turns out, he was going to be interviewed by a Wired journalist who wound up not doing the interview because Jason would only conduct the interview by e-mail.

While Jason points to the need for doing interviews so he won’t be misquoted, I support his stance for another reason:  bloggers like Jason write like they speak.  He is not going to speak in corporate-speak, the way you will see executive quotes in standard press releases.

Is there a compromise?

Perhaps IM is a good one for it enables the written word, leaves a paper trail for possible misquotes, and still leaves the conversational nature of IM open to real time conversation.

Read not only Jason’s post, but the many comments which take both stands.

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