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My Entry into The Who’s Maximum Windmill Contest ( and the story behind my entry)

When I was a Junior at Antioch College, I had a chance to spend the year in London.  While we were "studying," I also had the chance to experience the years of 1973 – 1974 with IRA bombings, the mods and rockers scene and all sorts of crazy and fun concerts.  

The following year, I had a chance to return for a semester program in Urban Studies, in which I wanted to write a paper on the interpretation of the urban environment as depicted through the lyrics of Quadrophenia.  

I wrote Pete Townshend a letter requesting an interview.  While he turned me down, he did write me a nice letter verifying my premise.  35 years later, and being a long time Who fan, I am making another attempt to reach out to Pete.  I have a cousin in LA who recommended I enter the Maximum Windmill contest, and I just could not resist. 

So, taking a break from work, here's the piece of work I submitted.  I had all of 30 seconds to show what I could do.  Enjoy….

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