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It’s Only Rock n’ Roll: Lessons From a Visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Continuing in our journey of the musical mecca tour, today we were in Cleveland visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is the most extensive collection and historical view of the history of rock music.  If you have been to a Hard Rock Cafe, there is generally a pretty good collection of various guitars, outfits, memorabilia.  But even in the sum of all of the Hard Rock Cafes, their collection pales in comparison to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Be it yesterday’s visit to the Country Hall of Fame (see post) or today’s visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there are similar messages and emotions of love, hope, heartbreak, luck, and misfortune. 

So what does all of this have to do with technology PR? 

1.  The best songs have simple, compelling messages, a principle to follow when trying to explain what your technology or solution does.

2.  In interviews with both country and rock musicians, they all said the same thing:  they get their energy from their fans.  You should do likewise:  ge your energy from your strategic partners, integrators and end users.  Listen and keep your messages current.  Resonating great music or great lyrics is really no different than striking a similar chord with your intellectual property.

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