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It’s Official: Social Media is VERY Real; Just Show Your Boss / Client the December Issue of the “Harvard Business Review”

Last night as I was passing through the Denver Airport, I spotted a copy of the December issue of the Harvard Business Review. There, with its Tide-like image, the front cover told it all:  “Social Media – And The New Rules of Branding.”  


While I was hard press to spend $17.95 for this prestigious publication that I pretty much assumed as not going to have anything of profound significance, I bought it for a different reason: to pull it out in pitch meetings or if I ran into an occasional objection from a member of management that thinks that twitter is basically good for letting your friend know when you are in the bathroom and that social media was something your kids do on Facebook.

If you read, and in turn send articles to your boss, a perspective client, or a decision maker that is still on the fence about this whole Social Media thing, you can easily send them content from places like Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, or AdAge’s Digital Next.  

Or, you can plop a copy of this issue of the “Harvard Business Review,” in hopes that it would get their attention.

When someone like myself or another consultant / expert tries to explain how this whole Social Media thing can work, it’s one thing.  But if it’s a McKinsey & Co consultant like, David C. Edelman writes it, it’s another.

I’d love to hear your comments and your take on the challenges you face in getting your management to listen to and consider Social Media Strategies.  

Leave a comment and chime in.

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