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It’s NOT About “New Media” – It’s How Consumers and the Media Consume….Media

I just got off a conference call with a prospective client.

In making my pitch, I was addressing the possible use of social media, YouTube videos, reaching out to bloggers as part of our strategy.

I was very clear that this was not about being cool or hip. 

At its core, I emphasized that we are very true to core messaging, media strategies and on-going outreach to pitch a very unique and compelling story idea.

At the other end of the phone line, I could sense that one of the participants in the call was a bit hesitant in my suggestions.  He politely asked, "what can you tell us  would happen if we just went with  "traditional media?"

I politely replied with a simple message to him:  it was not a case of "traditional media" or "new media." 

It was a case of pure and simple media.  It’s how the media and how consumers consume their media, gather information to make decisions and influence others.

I also told him that the good news about all this is that it’s measurable. 

We can track spikes in traffic to a specific landing page we want to build for his new consumer oriented offering.   We can see which YouTube video may or may not work best for our pitch. 

If you are re-thinking your media strategies and outreach programs, don’t think "new" or "old" media.  Look around you and ask your customers, partners, vendors, and investors where and how they consume their media.

Photo (c) by Alan Weinkrantz – shot on location at a Houston Texans football game in November ’07

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