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It’s Almost 2009…..Time to Refresh Your Communications Strategies

I have just contributed a story to a vertical market newsletter for the display industry, Veritas et Vius, that just came out.  (You may download the story at the end of this post),

While the content is focused on the display industry, the message is universally applicable. 

As a key technology supplier to your industry, it’s important to develop and execute effective communications strategies in order to maintain your position of leadership.

With the New Year upon us, it’s the perfect time to re-visit and re-think your message, and your communications plans.

Coupled with the global economic downturn, it’s going to be even more competitive to get – and keep – your technology and thought leadership on the radar of your customers and partners.

Are you taking steps now in order to get ready for 2009?

Download VVTP-23+24, November 2008

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz – shot on location on a glacier in Iceland

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