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“….Israel is just a very special place….”

I am about to depart on the midnight flight (Israel time) back to the U.S. on Continental to Newark, and then on home to San Antonio.  Ben Gurion Airport has free WiFi, which I am on as I post!

If I could look to one take-away from my trip, it was a very simple,
and profound statement that Israel Internet legend and entrepreneur,
Yossi Vardi, shared with me.  (Yossi is pictured below on the left, along with client Jeff Pulver,
and guest blogger, Tom Evslin

were talking about the Marker Comvention and when we were both looking
around the hundred of people in one of the large meeting rooms, he told
me: "You know Alan, Israel is just a special place." 

I have been coming here on business and to see family for going on
twelve years.  And now, my 19 year old son, Aaron is going to college
here at Hebrew University in Jeruselem.

And a special place it is.  It doesn’t matter about your religious or philosophical beliefs.  The fact of the matter is that for thousands of years this region of the world, and now what has become the State of Israel,  has been a center for advancing humanity and thought leadership. 

While I can’t stake a claim to anything to do with advancing humanity, I really feel that it is an honor and a privilage to help represent, and work with, some of the brightest and most forward thinking people on the planet, who really are making the world a bit interesting, and certainly, more colorful.

I look forward to going home and coming back "home’ again to Israel in the near future.

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