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Is Your Written Identity Aligned For Your Branding Strategy? « Brandstack

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Do you have a written identity program in place going forward as you build your brand equity?  It’s easy to think of and conceive the need for a graphic identity.  But what about your written identity? Is your written identity aligned in the context of your branding strategy?

What comes to mind when you think of your corporate identity?  Perhaps it’s your graphic – or visual identity.  You know, your colors, logo, typography, and overall graphic look.

But what about your written identity?  Do you have a written identity in place?  Is your written identity aligned with your branding strategy?

Your written identity communicates your messages – the verbs, nouns and adjectives which illustrate how you are positioned and want to be seen, heard and most of all – written about in the media, in analyst reports and in the blogosphere.

The words you have chosen to describe your company, the industry you are in, or the industry you are helping to create (or disrupt) can also help to drive the very look and feel of the graphic identity you taken on in order to personify the image of your business or organization.



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