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iPad Prognostications: What Matters in Web Tablets – GigaOM (& Why I’m gonna buy one)

Yes, I’m gonna buy an iPad.

1. I am a self-confessed Apple fan-boy. I’ll pretty much buy everything Apple makes. Part of my fan-boyism is from the fact that their stuff is really good, well designed, and well…. very cool.

2. What I have not decided upon is which version. One side of me says just to buy the $499 version and use it purely as a mobile writer, reader, surfer, on the go Keynote builder.

I will use it as an extension of my MacBook Pro and iPhone and sync everything I do, and store my stuff up via MobileMe / iDisk.

3. As for the 3G option…. I’m on the fence. Part is the cost and part is giving AT&T more of my money. For what’s it’s worth, I’ve also been an AT&T fan boy through my 3Screens blog, where I was the first consumer blogger to go public – and actually covered U-verse before AT&T launched U-verse.

4. On the other hand…. I sort of know myself. I’ll find an inadvertent way to fill up my iPad – rather quickly. In that case, I should just go for it, and buy the whole enchilada with 64GB.

I’ve got two months to think this through.

What about you? Now that they hype has (sort of) settled down, are you gonna buy an iPad?

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