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IP Communications Pioneer, Jeff Pulver, Launches Viral Video “Save The Net” Marketing Contest

Our client, Internet ommunications pioneer and entrepreneur, Jeff Pulver, has
launched a new initiative calling for the submission of short, creative
ideas — videos, flash ads, other Internet-based gimmicks – that
effectively communicate to government and communications policy leaders
in Washington, that they must write rules to enable the Internet
innovators to transform the Internet and communications experience.


   Announcing his Viral Video “Save the Net” Marketing Contest
–  Pulver stated, “I am fed up with the current wave of sound-bites,
platitudes, ads and marketing flooding the airwaves that profess to
speak for the advancement of the Internet and communications.  These
ads are influencing the U.S. Congress and governments around the world
as they write the rules that will shape the future of the Internet and
communications.  It is time the Internet community started speaking for

Pulver Seeks The Voice and Message of The Internet Community

Pulver, who was successful two years ago in the FCC’s adoption of
the “Pulver Order,” which designated computer-to-computer Internet
communications services as “Information Services” not subject to
telecom regulation, is seeking to hear the voice and message of the
Internet community — the Internet innovators, entrepreneurs and
enthusiasts — in this world-changing discussion.

“While the Internet community might not have the lobbying muscle,
money, resources, or connections of the entrenched players in the
communications debate, we surely possess the individual and collective
will and creativity to transform the debate.”

Pulver contends the revolutionaries of the Internet and
communications should be the ones revolutionizing the way advocacy is
done and communicated in the Internet Age.

“We are the creative forces verifying that the medium is the
message. Who better than us to harness the enabling power of the
Internet to bring our message to legislators, to policymakers, to the
public?  Let’s throw away the old rulebook and try to think outside the
box to send a message to Congress from the global community of Internet
innovators and enthusiasts,” Pulver added.

Contest Rules:
Applicants must complete and submit the online entry form at:,
along with one of the following with each entry: your video or other
advertising message in English (Flash Ad/Video/Message). With each
entry form, you must submit a Flash Ad/Video/Message of no more than
three (3) minutes or 1000 words demonstrating why and how public policy
should be written to save and fulfill the promise of the Internet and
advance communications. ( Note: 30 Second and 60 Second spots are highly recommended for viewing purposes)

The winning recipient of the cash prize of $1,000.00 (and glory)
will go to whoever comes up with the message (viral video ad or other
creative marketing tool) that is used to spread the word and save the
Internet. In order to be eligible for the prize (and also to ensure
maximum impact during the great policy debate, both in DC and around
the globe), entries must be submitted by June 6, 2006. 

For contest details, see the Save the Net Contest Rules by clicking here.

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