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Introducing The Permission Network – Forensics / Conversation / Metrics

I am pleased to join forces with Steve Patti and Ryan Kelly to form The Permission


The two most challenging trends facing today’s CMO are the slowing global economy, 

and the demise of interruption marketing. The result has been increasing scrutiny from 

the CEO, CFO and stakeholders to eliminate spending waste and improve ROI from

 marketing activities.

Delivering on these expectations is increasingly difficult as many CMO’s are not applying 

the right performance metrics to guide their decision making and are engaged in

 interruption marketing tactics that simply don’t work. In short — today’s CMO needs a 

different customer interaction and metrics model to deliver sales results.

We are not an agency — we are experienced marketers who help CMO’s identify 

critical skills, structure processes, and share needed know-how to run a metrics-driven, 

permission marketing organization.

In the first 30 days, we’ll provide a quantitative assessment of your tactics and processes 

to identify areas where you can begin saving money. Next, we’ll help you establish 

effective lead capture techniques, apply sales funnel metrics, and show you how to 

use social media and permission marketing techniques to increase sales conversions.

 As each core skill is put int place, we’ll step aside and provide only the insights/support you request to sustain your new-found sales results.

You CAN own the business intelligence and permission marketing skills needed to deliver results. Contact us today!

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