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New YouTube Videos for Client, Promisec, Features “The Promisec Promise.”

Today, we’re launching a new initiative for client, Promisec

It's two new videos that we helped produce for distribution on YouTube. 

The first one asks important questions that you need to know the answers to, in order to secure your network from internal threats.  The second is a quick demonstration of our three core products.

Important Questions to Ask – And " The Promisec Promise":

Product Overview:

As you can see in the first video shown above, we’re issuing a call to action for what we call “the Promisec Promise.”

Our offer is simple and compelling:  give us just 60 minutes of your time to demonstrate our agentless solutions and inspect your network.

If Promisec don’t find at least one potential threat on any endpoint in your organization, you can have Promisec Spectator for six months at absolutely no charge.

The second video quickly demonstrates Promisec Spectator, Promisec  INNERSpace and our newest entry, Promisec Asset Manager.  The videos feature Promisec's VP of Sales, Ari Tammam, who’s done a great job of taking the role of our public spokesperson.

If you're reading this blog and have a network that needs inspecting, give our client, Promisec a shot!

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