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Intel and TI Agree: Will Be the Next Standard For Home Networking

It’s great that Intel and TI have agreed that will be the next standard for home networking.

Yet, I’ve seen the coverage of HomeGrid and I believe the real story is lost in the noise – i.e. the fast pace and great progress of the standard in the ITU.

The ITU group creating this standard, which includes major telcos like AT&T and Verizon, manufacturers like Motorola and 2Wire, and home networking technology companies like client,  CopperGate and Intellon (not a client), has been meeting face to face monthly for many months and is on schedule to complete the draft by December 08.

Also, there is a bit of confusion about who is leading the charge. ITU is developing the standard, not HomeGrid.  HomeGrid is a special interest group (SIG) and only one of several SIGs in this space.  The jury is certainly still out on whether HomeGrid is the right companion SIG with the right rules and approach for

The good news is no matter what, everyone agrees that will soon deliver a universal home networking standard that supports all three wire types: coax, phone lines and power lines.

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