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Inauguration Day Celebration: Come to Our San Antonio TweetUp for “Obama Breakfast Tacos” at The Olmos Soda Fountain

Regardless who you voted for, it's time celebrate change as we welcome our new President, the  trillion dollar deficit, a declining stock market and even more bailouts for America's banking and automotive industries.

What:  a San Antonio TweetUp (you don't have to be on Twitter, but it would be nice) at the Olmos Soda Fountain commemorating the swearing in of Barack Obama.

When:  Tuesday, January 20 – 10:30 AM

Food and Entertainment:  we'll have wonderful Obama Breakfast Tacos, Betty's Salsa, Yuban Coffee, and much more.

Watch:  2 Big Screen TVs as we see history unfold and your retirement portfolio unwind.


Plus:  see for yourself, the historic and commemorative letters and pictures from soon to be ex President, George W. Bush, when he visited the Olmos Soda Fountain back in November.

So come on down and make history, enjoy some great food, and have some fun on this historic day.

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