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In search of the best of the best in B2B #IoT – Internet of Things in Israel

I’m in search of the best and brightest of Israel’s ‪#‎IoT‬ – Internet of Things startups, products, platforms and services on behalf of James Brehm & Associates, one of the world’s leading consulting and market intelligence firms with a focus on the Internet of Things – IoT and Big Data Analytics.


I’m going to be building and creating content – stories of all kinds about the most interesting and coolest Internet of Things in Israel, and I would love to connect in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth, and Be’er Sheva.

If you’re with a company, or startup, a VC with a cool portfolio company in the space, or maybe you run an accelerator with a company that’s about to launch, I am looking for stories and interviews that we can share on our site.

We also serve some of the world’s leading telcos, service providers, VCs and private equity firms always on the lookout for what could be next.

Now to be clear, we focus on the B2B side of things. I am not really looking for wearables, or fun gadgets. I am on the look-out for areas such as automotive, transportation and logistics, asset tracking, healthcare, security, smart cities, industrial monitoring and smart grid.

I’m looking to connect the dots with innovators just like you doing the heavy lifting in B2B IoT space.

Reach out to me, and send me a brief pitch. I will be in touch and in Israel May 16 – June 22 so we have plenty of time to plan.

Can’t wait to meet YOU and share your story.

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