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In Honor of Israel’s 60th Anniversary, I Am Helping to Sponsor Three Israeli Soldiers To Come to San Antonio For Community Events and Press Conference

In honor of the upcoming celebration of Israel’s 60th Anniversary, I am helping to co-sponsor three Israel soldiers who will be coming to San Antonio, where I live.

On Monday, May 5, civic, military, religious leaders and members of the media will be invited to hear and interview the three Israelis – one with direct family ties to San Antonio – who will share their personal experiences as Israeli soldiers serving and protecting the State of Israel from the constant threat of war and terrorist attacks.

The Israelis will also offer their personal perspectives about their expectations and hopes for peace on this 60th anniversary of the re-birth of the State of Israel.

Background on the soldiers….

  • Zvi Levine, who completed his 3 years of active duty in the IDF’s last month in the Navy, has San Antonio roots.  His Dad, Charlie, is a good buddy of mine and like me, does PR, but in Jerusalem  Zvi was born in Jerusalem to a family of third-generation Texans, Zvi served as second-in-command on a "swift boat," a hi-tech Super-Devorah produced both for use by Israel and for export sales. He was considered one of the force’s top Typhoon gunners, a hi-tech cannon. During his service he blocked smugglers and terrorists from entering or leaving Gaza by sea. He also served off the coast of Lebanon during the 2007 war. 

  • Arye Edel completed his 3 years of active duty in the IDF last month.  He was born in Raanana. His parents emigrated from England in 1983.  He is a paratrooper and an expert sniper. He became the sniper’s High Commander of his unit and has served in Nablus, Hevron, Gaza , Ramalah, Ariel, Golan Heights , and the Hermon.

  • First Lieutenant Ya’ara Ophir, 21 year-old, joined the Israeli army in October 2005.  She is an Instructor Officer in the Givati Brigade (an infantry brigade). She was a member in a youth delegation to Denmark and a youth counselor in an IDF orphans summer camp for 6-8 years old.  She trained reserve units during the Second Lebanon War.

When:  Monday, May 5 / 12 noon

Where: Campus of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio, 12500 N.W Military Hwy,

Contacts: Judy Lackritz, Director – Community Relations Council
               210-302-6962 /

              Bobbie Ghitis, Chair, Israel Public Action, Congregation Rodfei Sholom
              210-862-0704 /

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