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I’m spending July / August in Jerusalem. How can I #BeHelpful?

Art for @Rackspace by Gapingoid

On behalf of the Rackspace Startups Program, I am going to be spending the months of July and August being based in the magical city of Jerusalem to be more engaged in the startup community.

While I do make it to Jerusalem for one day trips — (it’s like going from San Antonio to Austin), I have only spent one night there, and thought it was time to actually live, experience, and contribute more to the community by being there.

By being in Jerusalem, I mean being part of all of the metro area, and telling the story of what I see through my narratives in the startup section of theThe Times of Israel​ that are emerging in East Jerusalem, the Haredi (religious) community, the design community, the universities. I am going to cover the stories of the people who are moving or have moved there, building there, and doing so by choice — and with purpose.

I could list 20 or Jerusalem-based people who’ve been my guiding light in this decision, but more than anyone, I have to thank Robert D. La Gesse​ who believes and supports this initiative. If you want learn from a master who combines doing good, having business sense, and allowing for experimentation, you should follow him.

My mission with the Rackspace Hosting​ / Startup Program in Israel is to #BeHelpful.

My phone number is 054–321–6176.

My Email is:

So, a big Texas-sized thank you to all.

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