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I’m Social Broadcasting Tonight for PBS Affiliate #KLRN. Tune In. Watch Worldwide.


Tonight, I’m social broadcasting during the 46th Annual Blazing Gavels Auction for our local (San Antonio-based) public broadcasting station, KLRN.  

Cool Stuff.  Great Prices.  A Wonderful Cause.  Watch It Online.

 Watch, bid and buy on-air and online. That’s right buckaroos all over the world. Whether you’re at home, still at the office, or even out of town, bid on deals and steals you may not find anywhere else!

 Tonight through Saturday, June 16 at 7pm CST (USA) nightly, thousands of items will be auctioned off. From large to small, eclectic to conventional, discover new goodies online every day! 

 Click here for the live online broadcast of the Great TV Auction. Beat the gavel before it strikes! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to learn about upcoming deals, steals and specials.

Ready to bid, but have some questions? Here’s some helpful tips and information:

· Items which appear online at also appear on-air. 

 (It is important to note: Most items currently have a closing date of June 16, those closing dates will change once the item has been scheduled for on-air presentation. Updated closing dates will be shown online at least 24 hours prior to actual closing.) 

· On-air bids are manually time stamped. Online bids are time stamped by the web server. The bid time stamped on or before the closing time is considered the highest bid.

·  If you are the high bidder, you will be notified the closing night or the next day.

·  If you plan to bid online, test your login.

·   Visit to bid on items $500 or more.


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