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If I Were Handling BP’s PR….

If I were handling BP’s PR, I’d….

1. Partner with Panasonic, Nikon, or Canon and give hundreds of cameras and camcorders to bloggers and writers who could help document the clean up process.

2. Turn to real story telling – the good, the bad and the evil of this spill as told through the eye’s of the people who live and work in the Gulf region.

3. Stop refusing interviews with Anderson Cooper. The longer you delay, the worse your story will get.

4. Turn off the broadcast and print media budgets and shift everything to the Internet. Spending $50 million in PR and broadcast media could be more efficiently used for things like – uh… food, helping businesses that have been disrupted, and lawyers. If you come clean, ramps up the effort, embrace external help, people on the ground will amplify your story – hopefully a good one.

5. Come clean (literally) and turn this mess into an opportunity to create an open source clean up. Create a BP-sponsored Wiki and have people propose their ideas, solutions, methods on how to make this bad situation better.

6. With the school season coming upon us in late August / September, introduce curriculum to schools about energy saving ideas and solicit proposal from kids who have open and fresh minds with powerful personal computers. Kids don’t know what can’t be done.

How about you?


  1. Information which you stated is important. BP is trying to control the message to much!Need to make it easier for people to volunteer with clean up. They should be pushing that a lot more. Tons of unemployed college kids would clean up this summer and beyond.Stop advertising in the big papers like the NYTimes! (You stated this but I think it deserves another loud shout!)Get a likeable “face” to company and have them give daily briefings that are available as podcasts on itunes and any other public place you can.This likeable face will help deflect some of the real hate some people have for the company.Make a real twitter feed about clean up, progress, set backs, and ANYTHING positive about the company.Give money to NPR to have a “BP update” daily… It is a partership that seems weird but would actually show the BP wants it detractors to know what they are doing.BP really needs to enter phase 2 of damage control!-@greenforu

  2. Great idea on the #BPCleanUp by partnering with #NPR

  3. Good ideas. I would not follow the suggestion to fund NPR. It is virulently partisan, and therefore divisive since it is substantially and involuntarily funded by taxpayers of both parties. NPR does offer some very good programming, but the money would be better spent one the other excellent proposals you and others have offerred. It is one thing to bravely go into the lions den. It is something else to enrage the substantial of America that feels robbed, literally, by the existence of the NPR we have today. NPR’s news and commentary is about as balanced as that of Rush Limbaugh.

  4. By the way, I agree with Greenforu that a “likeable face” is important. They have been doing that on TV ads recently. This brings me to a difference from your advice. I would, as you suggest drop the print media. I would not, however, drop TV. More of America lives outside the blogoshpere than inside it and BP is wise to have a black man come on and state that he lives and works in Lousiana and is in charge of something or other (I forget what) part of the cleanup and is committed to seeing this job through. Same for the white guy they have doing a similar speech. Both are in 15 second TV spots which are clearly intended to put a likeable face on the company’s efforts to fix what they have broken. They should keep all the AESL (American English Second Language) Executives away from the press. Talking about the Small People is as grating as our political elite’s references to “ordinary Americans”.

  5. I have an Israeli entrepreneur who approached me with a technology that is a biodegradable fluid that will disolve 98% of the oil in the gulf of Mexico yet BP arent moving for weeks, looking for a powerful activist or eco friendly media figure to help this Israeli venture make some serious noise in the states, Alan – thanks for the stage.


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