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IBM Lotus Notes Goes Mobile With emoze

Today at Lotusphere 2007, our client, emoze, announced the introduction of the industry’s most secure and comprehensive solution that enables corporate and personal users to send and receive emails to and from a mobile phone or other mobile device.  emoze pushes emails, calendars, tasks and contacts to mobile devices as soon as they are sent, delivering secure, real-time synchronization anytime, anywhere.  emoze software is free for individual users and simple to download from the emoze website, register and use.  All emoze users need a data package from a mobile service provider.

emoze’s Proprietary Push Technology Saves in Connectivity Costs and Reduces Device Power Usage
emoze’s push messaging software is a result of proprietary, in-house development by the Emblaze Group’s top engineers, who have achieved dramatically enhanced performance on both message delivery/ synchronization and push management. Unlike other solutions in the market place, emoze has created a real push-event technology, in which synchronization occurs only on incoming and outgoing events, rather than via periodical connections to the email server and checks for change. This not only saves the user connectivity-related costs but also dramatically reduces device power usage.

Security and Ease of Use Make emoze A Viable Alternative for the Enterprise
emoze provides high level security for emails and data, using 128-bit encryption with a unique key distributed during registration.  With emoze, emails, calendars, tasks and contacts are only stored on a user’s email server and mobile device.   

And emoze works across any mobile service provider network or WiFi and has users in almost every country around the globe.  emoze delivers data to and from all leading brands of mobile device including Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Samsung.  It supports all popular email data sources including Lotus Notes and Domino Servers, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and OWA (Outlook Web-Access), POP3, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!, and all popular mobile device operating systems including Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Download the application at:

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