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“I had a suitcase, a Telecaster, a little Magnatone amp, and $15 in my pocket.” Alan Meets Guitarist Gerry McGee; Gerry says “buy this one….it plays real nice.”

Over the weekend while in LA for my cousin’s birthday party, I paid a visit Norman’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana.

I’ve been shopping for a Fender Telecaster for some time and decided to check out what might be in stock at Norman’s.

Five minutes after walking into the store, my eyes got stuck on a Sea Green ’62 Fender Telecaster.

As I was talking to Norman about the details of the guitar, he pointed to someone in the store. 

It turned out to be none other than Gerry McGee, best known as a member of The Ventures. (see related interview with Gerry here)

Norman told me that Gerry was considered one of, if not the best Telecaster players in the world.  We gave Gerry the guitar, and he played a few riffs for me.

He liked it.

He told me to buy it.

I called my guitar teacher, Steve Owens, from the Mo-dels and he said- "go for it."

And so I bought it and it was good.

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