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How To Write A News Release

Here’s a form you can use in order to write a news release.  Aswering these questionsf will help you think through what you want to communicate:

1.   What is being announced?

2.  What is the “WOW” factor? Why do you think an editor would select this particular item over the dozens of other news releases he/she receives each day?

3.  What is the key point of the news item?

4.  What are the next two or three important points to make in this announcement?

5.  Describe the relationship between your company and the company you making an announcement with?  How long has this relationship existed?

6.  If applicable, describe the product or service you are providing.  How does it work?  (This description should be as low-tech as possible).

7.  What are the key features of the product and the corresponding benefits?

8.  What issues or problems does the product solve?

9.  What are the benefits to your company and its customers / partners?

10.  What are some specific examples of how customers are using this product?

11.  What is the point of difference with competitors?  How is this different/better than what’s currently in the industry today?

12. How does this announcement support your company strategy/key messages?
·       Clearly contributes to the image of your company in your particular industry
·       Demonstrates the value to your company’s customers/strategic partners
·       Serves as an example of the company’s worldwide presence

13.  How does this support your partner’s strategy/key messages?

14.  Which of  your executives should be quoted in this announcement?  What key points would you like them to make in their quote?

15.  Is there a user that you can quote?  What user do you think would be willing to provide a quote and what key points would you like them to make in their quote?

This is a practical and disciplined way to think through your messaging.

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