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How To Pitch An Editorial / Analyst Meeting for a Trade Show

Santa’s gone, and we’re back at The Ranch working on the CES Show for CopperGate, and HomePNA.

We try to make journalist / analyst appointments to meet with our clients.  When doing so remember the following:  make your pitch short and consise.   In your email pitch, include the following:

1.  Why are you contacting them – set up a short and informative meeting at the ____show

2.  Who the company is and what they do – we make or do "such and such."  Don’t use techno-gobbly gook.  Use plain, simple English with benefit releated terms.

3.  What you will be announcing – if you can’t disclose, then say something like, "we have an important product announcement that will _________"

4.   Tell them when you are available –  say something like: "we are available during show hours 10 -5 PM, on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and ask for no more than 15 – 20 minutes of your time."

5.  Tell them who they will meet with – try to get as high a senior ranking official as possible.

6.  Offer them the news in advance if you can – whether or not they can meet, if they are the right journalist / analysts, they will want your news in advance, or when you announce it. Even if they say no, it’s a great way to ask permission to send the news so you get on their radar for the show.

7.  Thank them for reading the email and considering the request – just a nice touch

Tomorrow’s entry will show a sample of how this is done.

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