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How This Blog Impacts Our Client’s Coverage – And Extends the Conversation

When I blog, I am creating fresh content.

Search engines and spiders look for what’s new.

So when I write about our clients, the search engines – and more specifically the blog search engines like Technorati and Google Blog Search will bring up results about our clients in my blog. 

Case in point:  here’s a trackback from a post I did citing a news release for client, Alsbridge.  As you can see, China Law Blog posted an observation about the news release we issued based on my blog post. 

In this case, they missed a key point that was in the news release, so I had a chance to extend the conversation by posting a comment on their blog.

I also know that in my other blog, 3Screens, I will, in some case outrank AT&T in their rankings on specific subject matter. 

All this to say is that an unexpected benefit of my blogging about our clients helps them more in ‘being found."


  1. I did not miss a key point, I failed to understand the point the press release was trying to make. I will note that the majority of those who commented on the post failed to understand the press release either and when I pressed you to explain you failed to respond. The press release talked about China’s next ten cities for IT yet it never made clear which cities were excluded from the “next” list because they are on the “now” list. It sort of said it would exclude Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian because everyone knows about those Chinese cities for IT, and yet it went ahead and listed Dalian, but did not list Shanghai or Beijing. So please explain. Thanks.

  2. Not sure why my comment shows up in my name (the previous comment) but it should link to China Law Blog (


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