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How the Israel / Hezbollah Conflict Will Result in New Tech Spin-Offs and Weatlh Creation

Because of the work we do with Israel’s technology industry, I
am continuing to periodcially write or re-publish other blogger’s posts as it relates to the current
political situation in the Middle East.

Once this war is over, I see one benefit that may be overlooked:  somewhere in 3, 5 or 10 years, a retiring officer in the Israeli Air Force, Army, or Navy is going to have fought in this war and develop a new type of technology, product or service that will be borne from this war.

He or she will tinker, invent, patent, raise money, go to market by most likely licensing the technology, and then be acquired or go public.

It will have something to do with security, communications, or perhaps a medical device.

It will do more with less.

It will work around something. It will be compressed in one form or another.  It will tie disparate technologies and create a new application. 

Or even perhaps a whole new industry.

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