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How The Iraqi Insurgents Are Winning The War of Messages

I don’t write about politics in this blog.  However, this entry is not just a case of politics per se, but rather one of the effective use of messaging by the insurgents in the Iraq war.

Today’s column in The New York Times by Tom Friedman, astutely observes that this is basically a war about a group of people in the Arab-Muslim world who are trying to organize a free and open election and write their own constitution versus those who don’t want this to happen.

Friedman points out that the insurgents are really nothing but fascists who want to own Iraq and keep the potential oil wealth for themselves.

The horrors of war aside, I really see this as the the insurgents are effectively winning a war of messaging.  As they keep up the violence, it makes the global media as it happens.  They send the message that they were "invaded" and that they are living in an occupied country.

While the realities and justification of this war may be different, I think the Bush administration should re-think its core messaging to the world, and fight back and engage in a more effective war of messaging.  And so what should that core message be:  the Iraqi people, like the Palestinians have the right of self-determination.

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