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How To Watch, Experience and Share The Upcoming San Antonio Fiesta Parades on Your Computer, Tablet or SmartPhone

This year, San Antonio’s PBS affiliate, KLRN is going to be broadcasting the three Fiesta Parades on Ustream, the live streaming services that lets you watch and engage during live events on the Internet.

Here’s a handy guide you can use (and share)

I’ll be working with the KLRN team during the Battle of Flowers Parade and there will be other social broadcasters like me sourcing stories, content, and making trouble.

Fiesta Parade Schedule:

Texas Cavaliers Parade – Monday, April 23 – 7:00 PM 

Battle of Flowers Parade – Friday, April 27, 12:45 PM 

Fiesta Flambeau Parade – Saturday, April 28, 7:45 

How To Watch

If you’re out of the traditional TV broadcast area, just log on to: a few minutes before each parade starts and watch.  Be sure to share with your friends, and post your own comments. 

Be it on your computer at work, your tablet or smart phone, on the go, just make sure you’ve got a good connection to the Internet so you can log on and watch.   And even if you are at home and you have TV access to the parades, use your computer, tablet or smart phone as a companion device and shout out and show your support.

Content Creators Wanted

Fiesta San Antonio is no ordinary fiesta, and the parades in San Antonio’s Fiesta are well, no ordinary parades.   This whole thing got started way back in 1891 and now in 2012, we have new and cool ways to share your Fiesta Parade experiences.

If you are attending any of the parades, share your photos with the world using your smart phone – Alan recommends for both iPhone and Android.  It’s free, tons of fun to use and you can instantly post to your Facebook and Twitter feeds directly from the app.  (Facebook just bought the company for a mere $1 billion, so you know it’s gotta be good.)

If you have a child, friend, or neighbor in the parade, or let’s say there’s a school, organization or sponsor you want to support, then take a photo using your smart phone and show your online support!

Hash Tags

If you’re posting to Twitter, please use the Hashtag #KLRNFiesta.  If we have one universal hashtag, it makes it easy to find and share content that way.

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Fiesta San Antonio

See ya in the real world, or online. 

And Viva Fiesta!



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