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How to Search for And Leverage the Power of Editorial Calendars

Editorial calendars are a simple and straightforward way to generate media coverage for your company.


We use them to pitch story ideas when they are related to specific subject matter that our clients have an expertise in.

The best way to find editorial calendars? 

Go to the publication’s web site. 

Here is an example of InformationWeek’s Editorial Calendar for 2008

  • Once you find a relevant subject matter, send a short email to the editorial contact who is writing the story.  Do not (repeat- do not) send attached files, previous releases, artwork, etc.  Just send a short pitch.
  • Start your pitch off with something like:  Hi Joe, I noticed that your February 2008 cover story will be on _____.  Our company, _____ is a leading provider of ____.  We can provide you with interesting product and technology information, plus we have recently briefed several leading analysts who could provide further insight on the subject.
  • Offer application stories, real world applications of your technology. 
  • Have your press room at the web site up and ready to go with current content, photos, illustrations and any type of material the publication could use to easily develop the story using and crediting your company as the source.
  • As you are sending the email, you might try calling the journalist and seeing if you can reach him / her in real time.  I find that more and more, most of our outbound calls wind up hitting voice mail.  Actually, I tend to prefer voice mail so that I can leave a short messaging saying to watch for an email from me in regards to this editorial calendar item. 
  • Another way to reach a journalist for an editorial calendar pitch is through Facebook.  Yes, Facebook.  I am finding Facebook to be a very good way to send short pitches.

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