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How To Raise The Bar on Your Social Presence

The mainstreaming of the social web has resulted in a curious dilema:  how to raise the bar on having your intended audience / community sticking around.


I can’t help you be a better writer, but I do have a few suggestions.  Photo by me.

1.  Create Original Content

Stock photos you can grab for free off the Internet is plain and simply lazy.  Stock photos look, well… they look stock.   

You don’t have to be a super photographer or have gone to film school to learn to shoot, edit and post video.   

Practice photography on your smart phone or buy the Canon S95 to start.  There are tons of really great and low-cost cameras that will make you a much better photographer.  This camera is also really great for video.

2.  Use Apps 

I’m now a big fan of Instagram.  There are many more.  Ask your friends which ones they use and try the one that works best for you.

And don’t forget YouTube.  I have over 400 videos on my channel from a variety of places, people and events that help me do a better job of story telling.

3.  Think like a Journalist

I was careful about the descriptor, “journalist.”  If you are a reporter, then you are reporting news. If you’re a journalist, then you are journaling.  Train your brain to write in the vein of journaling.

It’s Not Complicated

Sure, it may take a bit more time, but once you discipline yourself to raise the bar in creative ways, a funny thing tends to happen on the way to writing:  you become a better writer.  

I’ve found that by improving my photo skils, my photography inspires me to come up with new posts, new metaphors about technology PR, and ultimately, helping my readers and clients.

So come on.  Raise the bar!

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