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How to Plan Your Time, Connect, Engage at SXSW 2012

SXSW is not that far away.  


If you’re going to SXSW, don’t just show up.  Plan ahead and make the most of the time and investment you are making in you, your brand or your company.  Yes, that’s me, carrying the famous I’m A Character Sign from the State of Now – #140Conf Booth.

1.  Got a Startup?  Do a video interview starring you.  

Find a friend, a blogger, a journalism student in your area and have them interview you.  Why are you going to SXSW?  What are you trying to acheive, who’s your market, how can people find and connect with you when we are all in Austin?

Here’s one I did for TonePedia during the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim.  Send it to prospects.  Tweet it up.  Put it on YouTube.  Put it on your Facebook page. Share and tell your story in advance of SXSW.

2.  Get MOO cards made for SXSW.

Here’s mine that I just ordered….


If you don’t have business cards, (yes, this is very old school, but it works) get some.  And if you have company business cards, make a run that say: “We Met At SXSW,” “We Connected AT SXSW” or just put “SXSW 2012.”  Something. Anything.  

Be sure to check out this page from Moo where they have some great suggestions on making way cool cards just for SXSW.

3.  Follow SXSWParties here on Twitter

Party down.  Have fun.  Find out where and how.  Just follow Michael Gold’s twitter feed and party down.  And follow Michael as well.  He’s a good guy and an SEO Wizzard.

4.  Make the most of the SXSW Site and Use It As A Planning Tool

Digging around the SXSW Interactive Web Site, you’ll find some great ways to plan your time, attend sessions that are of interest to you, connect with prospective partners, investors, and like minded causes.

This post is specifically geared to those attending the Interactive portion of SXSW.  Your mileage may vary, and be open to random chance encouters. 

Here’s some suggestions:


This is a dedicated meeting space in the business epicenter of SXSW, the Trade Show Meet Up Pavilion.  Connect with others who are of like minds so you can make the most of the event before, during and after SXSW.

Here is the schedule of talks.  I’ll be joining Nan Palmero where we’ll share stories about taking on big brands during the #140Conf State of Now session on Monday, March 12

This is an efficient way to find people you want to meet and hear in alphabetical order.  

Pitch Your Story to Robert Scoble here

5.  Track Journalists Attending SXSW


This may be hit and miss, but watch the social web for people like David Carr who are telling you that they are coming and what they are looking for.  Make your pitch in advance if there’s a fit.

These are just a few suggestions.  I’ll be posting more in advance of SXSW and welcome your comments, suggestions and experiences from the past.


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