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How To Pitch

How to pitch?


I still find the best way to pitch is very simple: 

1.  Send an email.
2.  Make your pitch no more than 2 sentences long.
3.  Pitch why it makes sense for the publication
4.  If you have to send the press release, embed it in the email or send a URL from your press room on your web site.

Sometimes will do a follow up call AFTER hours.  Yes, after hours. The notion is just to say something like, "hi, Fred, I know you get tons of pitches, but here is mine: I sent you an email this afternoon about _____ and our _______.  The email is from ______.  If there is an interest, give me a call at ________.   Thanks for listening to my voice mail and considering this story idea.

Yup, this really works and even if they are not interested (this time) you will show that you understand and care about how to approach a journalist and the volume of noise they have to contend and deal with.

Photo shot on location at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles (c) Alan  Weinkrantz All Rights Reserved

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