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How To Pitch @TechCrunch ‘s Jordan Crook – @JordanRCrook

At  last night’s TechCrunch event in Austin, I caught up with Jordan Crook, and shared the fact that she prefers to be pitched via Twitter.

If you are trying to reach a specific person who covers a specific beat, your best bet is to go to the TechCrunch’s About section, use common sense, and send a short, simple email (no attachments) to the contact you think would have the most interest in what you are proposing to have covered.

In its own right, TechCrunch receives more than 1,000 pitches per day.   While the numbers are stacked against you, think about, what I call The Principle of the Receiving End.  If you don’t have a relationship with one of the team members at any media outlet, your best bet is to read their content, understand what they write about, identify the person who think would have the most inclination to be interested in what you are doing, and send a very brief pitch, with a strong subject matter line such as:  Story Proposal:  How X is X….;  Advance News:  X To Introduce New Y on June 18, 2013.

No, you don’t have to know every  journalist on the planet.  And yes, it’s possible to get coverage without having a previous relationship in place.

One of the biggest myths in PR is that you have to actually know the journalist, analyst or blogger in order to even have a chance at getting coverage.  Even as long as I have practiced my trade, it’s impossible to know every journalist on every beat in every medium and media platform.

Time and time again, I have proven that your story, aligned with the right  journalist will consistently yield better results than knowing someone on the staff who is not a good fit.

As a rule, common sense rules:)



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