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How to More Effectively Pitch via e-Mail

Pitching through email?Aw_co_media_alert_logo

Yes…. I send lots of pitches through emails. 

No….. I am not afraid of picking up the phone and making a call or two, but I still find pitching through email to be more effective in terms of time and efficiency in reaching out to journalists, media and bloggers.

I am now using ConstantContact to pitch.  And I make sure that my pitches are short, to the point and provide content they can link to if they are interested.  I send what I call "Media Alerts," especially as a way to do advance pitching on a new launch.

All of this not only makes for more efficient pitching, but measurable pitching.

I know who is reading my pitching and what content they are linking to and what’s of interest to them.  I am also doing A / B split testing to see which messages have more stickiness.

How are you pitching?

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