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How To Increase Your Chances of Having Your Content Discovered, Found, and Shared

I follow lots and lots of people on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and G+ for a variety of reasons.



Writing, posting, and linking original content on social sites is hard work.  It’s time consuming and requires discipline to do this daily, or almost daily if you can.  Photo by me (c) 2011


I follow people for the purposes of business, fun, keeping up with friends and as a way to keep up people that I cross paths with on the Internet or at industry events and conferences, as well as to tracks movements and social sentiment.

Links to Other People’s Work Is Certainly Valuable, But What About Yours?

In following these universes, I see only a handful of people on who post links from their original content.  

Generally what I see, are links to “how to” articles, or sometimes an interesting article or snippet about something that I might be able to use.  

Many times, I see the same article or piece of content being circulated and to me, it makes no sense, is a waste of time, and diminishes your value as a trusted source for content.

For all the time may take, it may be the most efficient use of your time, as a means to break through the noise, the clutter and sea of repeated information that’s posted out there. 

I’m not here to profess that your original content will bubble every time, but if you practice this principle, it certainly increases your chance of doing so.


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